The Generic Brand at Hand

Moving away from home to commence my tertiary studies was one of the biggest decisions I have ever made but looking back at the previous 2 years I can most definitely say that it has been a life changing experience that has taught me a number of lessons.

After finishing my first year of classes and returning home for the holidays I was excited to finally have another chance to save up again before returning to another year of bills and rent and groceries etc. However I soon realised that it wasn’t my financial obligations that were chewing into my bank account, it was me. I was making poor decisions when it came to a number of different things which included my regular online clothing shops (whether I needed clothes or not), dinning out and costly leisure activities (at least more than once a week) as well as other expenditures which included groceries.

After noticing these unnecessary expenditures I quickly made adjustments where possible and decided that making “guidelines” rather than “rules” would allow me to stay on track and improve my finances. So my guidelines are as follows:

  1. Limit dinning out to maximum once a week but preferably once a fortnight.
  2. Find other hobbies to do in my free time that don’t involve online shopping.
  3. Look for interesting leisure activities that are cheap or free to engage in.
  4. Always stick to the shopping list when grocery shopping.

Having set these guidelines I quickly began looking for other ways to cut costs where possible and soon stumbled upon the idea of turning switching to generic brands. This blog will show you my findings, thoughts and experiences on my Generic Brand VS Popular Brand journey.


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