Frozen Crinkle Cut Chips


As a side dish I thought I’d give Frozen crinkle cut chips a go by McCain and Coles. McCain Crinkle Cut SuperFries were on sale for $2.50 so usual price is $4.61 and the Coles Brand Crinkle Cut Chips were $2.00.


The McCain chips looked nice and golden compared to the pale Coles chips. I later realised that the pale colour meant that it was less cooked resulting in having to bake them for much longer than the McCain chips.

Cooking instructions for the McCain chips suggested preheating the oven for 10 minutes at 230 degrees celsius before placing the chips in the oven for 8 minutes and then flipping them over after 8mins and cooking them for another 10 but I found that total cooking time was 14 minutes as the sides of the chips had already turned a darker golden colour.

The Coles chips suggested cooking the chips at 220 degrees celsius for 25-27 minutes. To my disbelief it actually did take a decent amount of time to cook (22mins)


Taking a look at the chips after both sets were cooked the Coles chips were still looking pale in comparison to the lovely colour of the McCain chips.

The McCain chips were nice and crunchy on the outside and soft and gooey on the inside and the flavour of the potatoes really came through however with the Coles chips even though they were crisp on the outside they still felt a little undercooked when bitten into. The Coles chips tasted less like potato and more like they’d been sitting in a deep freezer for some time.

“Ahhhh McCain you’ve done it again!” Yes, McCain is the winner giving Popular brands its first win out of the 3. Although it is more expensive it tasted better and cooking time was shorter so ill definitely be reaching for it next time over the Coles brand crinkle cut chips.

Popular Brand: 1

Generic Brand: 1


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