Packet Creamy Bacon and Carbonara Pasta


For part 2 of the Generic Brand VS Popular Brand I decided to try packet pasta. Again I chose Woolworths Select and this time it’s up against the well known brand, Continental. The Continental pasta was $2.09 for 145grams where as the Woolworths Select one was $1.50 for 125grams.

When it came to packaging I liked the fact that Continental had clearly stated that it was Australian grown wheat so I searched the Select brand packet hoping to find that it was also Australian grown wheat but unfortunately I couldn’t find anything to suggest that.


Both packets could be cooked on either a stove top or microwave however I chose the stove top. The Continental pasta called for 1 cup of lite milk, 2 teaspoons of margarine and 1 1/4 cups of hot water. The packet said 10 minute cook time stirring regularly but after the 10 minutes I found that the pasta still had a bit of a bite so i continued cooking it for another 3 minutes.

The Woolworths Select pasta called for 1 cup of low fat milk, 3/4 of a cup hot water and 1 teaspoon of margarine. For suggested cooking time it said between 4-6 minutes so I settled on 6 minutes. After the 6 minutes was up I tried the pasta and it was cooked nicely.

P.S. I would HIGHLY suggest using nonstick pans while cooking otherwise you can expect a challenge when it comes to cleaning up.

Cooked Pasta .png

The Continental pasta turned out to be a little darker in colour compared to the Select pasta. They both tasted nice however the Continental pasta was very sticky, I’m guessing because of the extra cooking time the sauce had reduced a bit more than it should have. The Select pasta tasted a little salty compared to the Continental but was more enjoyable as it added to the flavour. However I am disappointed with both in a way because although they are both Creamy “Bacon” Carbonara you don’t taste any bacon at all let alone see the speckles of dried bacon through it so the word bacon could totally be erased from the title and no one would even know that it was missing.

Serving sizes on both packets suggest that it serves 4 but I’m guessing that its suggesting 4 side servings as eating a quarter is definitely not going to keep you full for very long. If you’re planning on serving just the pasta then I would say that it would serve 2 people rather than 4.

In the end I decided that although the Continental pasta supports responsibly sourced Australian wheat I’m going to go with the Woolworths Select Creamy Bacon Pasta simply because its cheaper, tastes better, and cooks in a shorter amount of time.

Popular Brand: 0

Generic Brand: 1


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