Breakfast Cereal


So for breakfast this morning I gave Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain and Woolworths’ Max Charge cereal a go. The Nutri-Grain was on sale costing me $3.00 for 290 grams however usual price is $4.59. The Woolworths brand Max Charge on the other hand was $3.50 for 560 grams.

At first glimpse the Nutri-Grain seems to be “healthier” by the looks of it because it has a 4 star health rating whereas Max Charge has a 2.5 star health rating so I decided to check out the nutritional values to determine if this health star ratings were really going to impact my final decisions.


Forgive me for the blurry picture but looking at nutritional values theres not much of a difference between the two cereals. Max Charge suggests a 30gram serving rather than the 40gram serving that Nutri-Grain suggests but when the math is done and Max Charge serving figures are matched to 40grams theres marginal differences. Max Charge was higher in kilojoules and fat content whereas Nutri-Grain was higher in protein and carbohydrates.

Looking at the Vitamins and Mineral sections the figures were almost indifferent from one another with Max Charge even having the same amount of calcium and iron with added zinc as well.


After tasting handfuls of both cereals without milk they tasted exactly the same, the only thing being different was the fact that Max Charge seemed crunchier. Not being able to get to a conclusion from the dry taste test I added milk to both and came to my conclusions a lot quicker. The Nutri-Grain went pretty soggy in the time it took me to add milk to the Max charge and put the milk away in the fridge and anyone who knows me knows that I HATE soggy cereal but I guess if you’re into that then it probably won’t be any different for you because even in milk it tastes exactly the same.

In the end Im going to go with the Woolworths Brand Max Charge breakfast cereal because not only did it taste the same, it contained almost identical quantities of vitamins and minerals and was still nice and crunchy in the milk so who wouldn’t go for the cheaper one that gives you better value for money?

Popular Brand: 3

Generic Brand: 4


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