Canned Tuna


Today I decided to test out the Woolworths Select Tuna in Olive Oil in comparison to John West Tuna in Olive Oil. As shown in the picture above both are 95g and the Woolworths Select one was basically half price compared to John West however it was on sale so usual price for the Select tuna is $1.89 but even that that price it still would have been the cheaper item.

What caught my eye about the Woolworths tuna was the fish on the can saying “pole and line caught” not knowing 100% what this meant I looked it up online only to find out that Woolworths’ tuna is all sustainably sourced hence the “pole and line caught” which impressed me quite a lot.

Taking a closer look at the nutritional values for both cans I noticed that the Select tuna was lower in Kjs, fat, protein and omega-3 in comparison to West tuna. So for someone who is watching their calorie or fat intake select would be the better option however protein and omega-3 would have to be sacrificed to enjoy the benefits of low kjs and fat.

John West tuna on the other hand has 17.3g of protein so it could definitely be a nice option for a quick on the go filling snack. It also has a lot more omega-3 compared to Select tuna so it would be a handy way to incorporate some omega-3 into your diet.

Upon draining them and opening the can the Select Tuna was visibly more pink in colour compared to the West Tuna. The West tuna seemed a little dry which was noticeable when eating it. Flavour wise I did personally enjoy the Select tuna more as the texture was more enjoyable than the dryness of the West tuna and had a nice taste.
In conclusion although it is lower in protein and omega-3, I think the winner for me here is definitely the Woolworths Select Tuna not only because it tastes better but also because all of their tuna is pole and line caught ensuring sustainability rather than the use of Fish Attracting Devices (FADs)

Popular Brand: 3

Generic Brand: 5


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