Milk Arrowroot Biscuits


As shown above I tested both Arnott’s and Coles brand Milk Arrowroot biscuits. both packets were 250grams however the Coles brand biscuits were basically half price so they’re already jumping ahead.

What struck me immediately in difference with the both packets was the packaging. The Coles brand biscuits were lined up nicely in a little plastic tray whereas the Arnott’s ones were just in the plastic wrapping. Ultimately this meant that more of the Arnott’s biscuits were broken than the Coles biscuits and I guess if you’re planning on serving these biscuits to guests with a nice black or white tea then I’d either suggest being more careful with the Arnott’s ones on your trip home or simply opting for the Coles brand biscuits.


If you’re a person who enjoys sugar with their tea then I suggest considering nutritional values of tea biscuits as I usually like to keep my complimentary biscuits restricted because lets be serious who can stop once they start?

Suggested serving size for the Coles biscuits is 2 biscuits where as Arnott’s is 3  so although when directly looking at the Coles brand biscuits it is lower is Kjs, protein, fat, carbohydrates and sugars you must keep in mind that Arnott’s suggests 3 biscuits instead of 2.

So after tasting both biscuits their tastes were indifferent from one another so I had the choice of again calling a draw however weighing out other contributions I decided that Coles Milk Arrowroot biscuits were the winner because not only did they have a taste that was next to identical to the Arnott’s brand but they were also half price for the same amount of biscuits and considering that the packaging had prevented all but two biscuits from breaking I decided that the generic brand at hand came to the rescue once again.

Popular Brand: 2

Generic Brand: 3


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