I thought I’d try something other than edibles this time and opted for mouthwash. I tested out Listerine Freshburst Antiseptic Mouthwash and Woolworths Homebrand Mouthwash. The Woolworths mouthwash was $2.40 for 500ml and the Listerine was $3.95 for 250ml.

Taking a closer look at the packaging I noticed that both mouthwashes had the same contents and ingredients with the only difference being that the homebrand mouthwash had eucalyptus in it.

Although they were both supposed to be mint flavour the homebrand one tasted like a eucalyptus scented cleaning product so I ended up spitting it out not long after putting it in my mouth. It not only tasted bad but also left a foul after taste. It didn’t burn near as much as Listerine does but for me I enjoy that burn because it makes my mouth feel super clean so if you’re a person who doesn’t like the burn then I guess the homebrand mouthwash might be your thing if you can ignore the horrible taste.

So on this occasion I definitely suggest that you go for the Commercial brand of mouthwash over the Generic because although it is the cheaper option it definitely isn’t the better option.

Popular Brand: 4

Generic Brand: 5


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