Salt and Vinegar Chips


As a snack I tried the Salt and Vinegar Chips by Thins and Coles. The Thins were on sale for half price so they only cost $1.75 however usual price is $3.51 and the Coles brand crinkle cut were $2.00.


Looking at Nutritional value I think Coles was trying to be more realistic when they provided figures for a 50gram serving (because who even looks at servings) where as Thins were given in 25gram serving however when doubled to match the figures of the Coles brand it was still lower in kilojoules but was higher in total fat content.

When it came to the taste test I noticed that the Coles chips were ridiculously salty to the point were I needed water to help wash it down but I’m not sure if the excessive salt was there to compensate for the lack of vinegar flavouring which I got one chip every few handfuls. I’m not sure if this was just the case for the packet that I happened to buy or that this is what the Coles brand chips generally taste like but it was a pretty disappointing excuse for Salt and Vinegar seasoning compared to Thins. I can’t say that Thins Salt and Vinegar was the best Ive ever had either but in this case it was the winner. Therefore giving the Commercial brand another winner.

Popular Brand:3

Generic Brand:3


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