Party Pies


Being at home with my two younger siblings during the holidays I thought that It’d be a good idea to try out some party pies and get lunch out of the way (two birds with one stone). We tried popular brand Four’n Twenty and Woolworths Homebrand Party Pies. Four’n Twenty Party pies were $5.50 for a 12 pack and the Homebrand Party Pies were $5.00 for a 24 pack. So already just based on price I’m leaning towards the Woolworths Homebrand Party pies because for $5.00 you’re not only paying less than the Four’N Twenty but you’re getting double the amount as well. Also on another note the Four’N Twenty party pies were on sale so usual price is $7.30 so to buy the same amount of pies as the Homebrand pies it would usually cost $14.60.


Looking at both pies raw I noticed that the Four’n Twenty one was basically caved in compared to the Homebrand pie.

Cooking instructions said 25 minutes for the Four’n Twenty pies and 20 minutes for the Homebrand pies if they were frozen however I thawed the pies in the microwave for 3 minutes first on the defrost setting and found that they were both cooked within 15 minutes after cooking them in the oven at 200 degrees celsius.


You can’t really tell in my photo above but once taking the top layer off of the pie i noticed that the Four’n Twenty pie basically looked half full and if you remember from earlier I’d said that they were looking caved in. Well I guess we have an answer now, they’re missing so much of the meat filling that the top layer of pastry collapsed inwards because it had nothing under it to support it.

Although you probably can’t tell that the Four’n Twenty pie is half full you can probably see that the Four’n Twenty pies filling looks more like a liquid gravy filing with speckles of mince here and there and considering its decent price tag I’d call that a pretty pathetic effort. The Homebrand pie however is what you would call a meat pie. It had the right amount of minced meat and gravy in it and the pastry tasted great! put some tomato sauce on it and you can’t go wrong.

So keeping in mind that my younger sisters were also doing the taste test I asked them for both their opinions. The younger one being 7 didn’t have much to say about either as she was too busy dousing them both in tomato sauce. The older one said that the pastry on top of the Four’n Twenty was dry and flakey and the pastry on top of the Homebrand one was a bit hard.

Yet again another winner for the Generic Brand! The main reason for my selection this time was because of the price. Seriously, who wants to pay $7.30 for 12 pies that are half full that’s missing the mince from it’s meat filling… definitely not me!

Popular Brand: 3

Generic Brand: 6


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