Frozen Spinach

Frozen Spinach Price.png

Having a craving for spinach dip I thought I’d review the frozen spinach as well while I was at it so I purchased the Woolworths Homebrand Spinach that was $0.99 for 250grams and The Logan Farm Brand that was $2.09 for the same amount.

Immediately upon opening the Homebrand spinach I liked that it was portioned into smaller parts as being a student who lives on my own it can be a bit hard controlling my cooking measurements as I’m still so used to cooking for a family of five. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of the Logan Farm Spinach but unlike the Woolworths brand spinach it was just in one big slab which meant that I had to defrost all of it because it was just to hard to cut through.


After slowly defrosting them both in the microwave I noticed that the Woolworths spinach was a lot more chopped up than the Logan Farm spinach as the Logan farm looked a little more roughy chopped than the Woolworths brand spinach which looked like it had been blitzed in a food processor.

Tasting them both on their own was pretty pointless because they both tasted like a soggy mess but after adding them to my yoghurt mix again I found that they both still tasted the same just the textures in the dips were different and that was it.

In the end I decided to give the Generic brand another win because the price was so much more appealing to me as well as the fact that they were in nice little portion sizes rather than just a frozen slab.

Popular Brand: 4

Generic Brand: 6


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