Savoury Barbecue Crackers


I decided to try some barbecue crackers (apparently that’s what they’re classed as. Who knew 😕) so I opted for Arnott’s Shapes which were on sale for $2.00 so usual price is $3.00 and Woolworths Select Blasts for $1.40.

The Select box is bigger which gave me the illusion that I was getting more than what I was by purchasing the Arnott’s but after examining the boxes closer their net weight was both the same.

Looking at both the shapes and the blasts it was definitely noticeable that the shapes looked like they had a lot more seasoning on them than the blasts and the blasts looked quite thicker than the shapes.

Tasting them it was quite obvious which one I preferred. Although the blasts didn’t taste bad there wasn’t enough of the flavouring on the cracker so it tasted quite bland. The cracker itself had no flavour to it so it resembled that stale taste you get from leaving the packet open.

So I think you’ve guessed by now that Arnott’s Shapes win! Which means that the Generic Brand is still ahead with 6 and the Commercial Brand is running steadily behind with 5.

Popular Brand: 5

Generic Brand: 6


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