Tuna Bake Pasta Sauce 

For my bulk cooking this week I decided that tuna bake was a good option as its a good way to clear out some pantry items that have been sitting there for awhile like the half packets of pasta you say you’ll use next time but always forget, the cans of tuna in spring water you bought by accident (and you can’t use it for anything because it’s bland and dry) and the canned vegetables you bought on sale but never got around to using. Well that’s the case for me anyway.

The Coles Tuna Pasta Bake Sauce was $2.00 for 500grams and the Leggo’s was $4.13 for 575grams so almost double the price for less than 100 grams more…
Looking at cooking instructions both jars are apparently worth 4 servings when the pasta and tuna are added however I noticed that the Leggo’s sauce only calls for 2 cups of cooked pasta where as The Coles sauce calls for 4 so I think someone’s got their servings wrong considering they both still add the same amount of tuna.
After getting to the cooking stage I did notice that the two cups of cooked pasta along with 425 grams of tuna looked more like a seafood dish than a pasta dish so I ended up adding more.

At the tasting stage I noticed that the texture of the Coles sauce was quite chalky and actually tasted a bit like flour however the Leggo’s sauce tasted delicious it was perfectly creamy and the subtle taste of the garlic was a nice addition. I also found that the Leggo’s sauce had a better consistency than the Coles sauce.

Although I’d added canned corn, peas and carrot to both sauces sadly it didn’t enhance much of the flavour for the Coles brand Tuna Bake Pasta Sauce but it did wonders for the Leggo’s brand sauce because it felt like a complete meal. So my vote this round goes to the popular brand category.

Generic Brand: 6

Popular Brand: 6



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