Chicken Flavoured Noodle Cups

Today for lunch I tried chicken flavoured cup noodles by Fantastic and Woolworths Homebrand. The Fantastic noodles were $1.60 and the Homebrand noodles were 75 cents. I generally don’t eat cup noodles or even like them for that matter but having gone over my grocery budget this week I opted for a cheap fix.

Cooking instructions on both were the same. Pour the boiling water to the line and cover back up, allow to stand for 3 minutes and then magic the noodles are ready. However the first problem here is that the little paper flap thing that they tell you to put back down to conceal the steam does nothing -.- it’s useless so you’ll need a plate or something to hold it down. Second of all that little packet of dehydrated vegetables always repulse me so you decide whether you want rehydrated rubber bits in your noodles. Thirdly both cups are made out of styrofoam so you’re going to have to put up with the gross sound and feeling of your fork rubbing the styrofoam every time you go for a mouthful but at least the Fantastic cup is thicker than the Homebrand one. Seriously that thing is a hazard. If you plan on making a cup of the Homebrand noodles while you’re on the go then don’t because what awaits you is second degree burns from that paper thin cup.

There’s nothing even worth mentioning about the taste test. Both were overly salty the noodles had skins on them that have that weird sandy texture and what a surprise, like I’d guessed it the vegetables were rubber. I wouldn’t say it was inedible but neither of them were satisfying so I’m going to call this round a draw giving neither of the categories a point meaning that generic is still on 6 and popular is still on 5.


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