Facing a week long test last week was the Reject Shops Pure Clean Toothbrush Medium for $1.00 and Colgate Extra Clean Medium for $2.00 from Woolworths.
This test took a little longer as I decided to give it more than one brush to judge between the two candidates hoping that it would give me more to discuss.

Shape wise of the brushes the Pure Clean had a thicker handle which made me feel as though I had more grip while brushing my teeth and it was a little longer which meant better access. The Pure Clean toothbrush also had grooves on the back of the head of the brush which meant I had a tongue scraper and gum massager all in one. The bristles on both seemed the same in feel with the Colgate ones actually seeming shorter in length compared to the Pure Clean one.

After a week of brushing 3 times a day alternating between the toothbrushes to ensure they were evenly used I didn’t notice any deterioration in the condition of either brush but I did notice on one occasion that a single strand of the bristles had come loose on the Colgate one which I noticed when I spat out the toothpaste.

To be honest both Toothbrushes were great but I liked the Pure Clean more as it was more versatile with its purposes like the gum and tongue scraper as well as a tooth brush all for $1.00 so I’m going to give this one to the generic brand.

Generic Brand: 7

Popular Brand: 6


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