Frozen Pizza

Last week Friday after a 6 hour shift at work I decided it was pizza night for dinner (because I was too lazy for anything else) so on my way out from work I dropped into Woolworths and purchased the Woolworths Select Homebrand Family Hawaiian Pizza for $3.00 and determined that’s it’s opponent would be a classic favourite McCain Ham & Pineapple Family Pizza which was $6.50. In comparison to the Homebrand Pizza the McCain Pizza was over double the price for just and extra 50grams so I’m guessing by now that you’d know which one I’m leaning towards simply by price.
The Cooking instructions were almost identical with cooking times only differentiating by a minute between the two pizzas.
I added a couple extra toppings to both and put it in the oven and after 16 minutes they both looked cooked and crispy. Taking them out of the oven I noticed that the Homebrand Pizza crust was a lot more crumbly than the McCain one.

Biting into both I immediately noticed that the McCain one was a lot softer and the dough was cooked through and tasted delicious the Homebrand one however all though being somewhat thick was very dense and doughy which meant that the dough flavour overpowered the taste of the toppings.

McCain has done it again! Definitely the clear winner here by a long mile.

Generic Brand: 7

Popular Brand: 7


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