Shampoo and Conditioner

Trying generic shampoo and conditioner was next on my list as it is soooooo much cheaper than the commercial brand so I was looking to make the switch. For this round of generic vs popular I purchased Woolworths Homebrand Everyday Shampoo and Conditioner which was $1.49 per bottle costing a total of $2.98 for both. I decided to compare the Homebrand shampoo and conditioner to Schwarzkopf Extra Care Total Hair Repair for Very Dry and Damaged Hair. Each bottle cost $6.89 from Woolworths costing a total of $13.78 which means that for the same price you could purchase 9 bottles of the Homebrand shampoo and conditioner….

Like the toothbrushes I tested both sets of shampoo and conditioner for a week each washing my hair every second day and performing the same routine with both which meant applying shampoo to my roots and then applying conditioner to the ends of my hair and leaving it in there while I wash my body and do my face treatments and thennn washing my hair.

So the first set of shampoo and conditioner I tried out was the Homebrand one and after my first shower I felt like my roots were super clean but my tips felt a little dry. After the second wash the roots of my hair felt a bit toooo clean and I noticed that I between the second and the third wash my hair got super oily I’m guessing because my roots went into a nervous panic and overproduced grease. After my week of washing with Homebrand shampoo and conditioner I concluded that although my roots feel clean after my wash the following day they’re already oily and the tips of my hair felt ridiculously dry, brittle and like my hair was going to snap off.

After a week of torturing my hair I was very much looking forward to using Schwarzkopf. Immediately after the first wash I could definitely feel the difference in the ends of my hair, they felt a lot softer. Again after the second wash my hair was feeling healthier and the fragrance of the shampoo and conditioner was a lot more prominent compared to the Homebrand products. By the third shower I was soldddddd on Schwarzkopf my hair was already feeling soft and luscious all over.

So if you’re a person who prefers hair on your head over prickles then donttt I repeat DONT use the generic brand. #hot

Generic Brand: 7

Popular Brand: 8


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