Hazelnut Spread


Hazelnut Spread

Before I started doing my own grocery shopping I never actually realised how dear it was for Nutella considering that the 220gram is $3.69 and for a chocoholic like me that’s the equivalent of 2 sandwiches… And on top of that if you account for my habit of spooning then it’s one sandwich.

Soooo I decided to compare Nutella to Woolworths’ Homebrand Choc Hazelnut Spread which was $4.89 for 400grams. Being not for hopeful with this product (because let’s be realistic it’s NUTELLA. As if you can even compare) I decided to be fair and give it a chance on its own and on bread as well.

Opening the seal it still smelt like hazelnut but it quite like Nutella does. I don’t know what it was but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. Taking a mouthful of the Choc Spread I immediately noticed that the consistency was a little thicker compared to Nutella but oh my goodness was I surprised! Woolworths has proven me sooo wrong. Although it didn’t taste exactly the same it was still incredibly good and I was more than happy at this point to continue spooning.

I’d already made up my mind at this point but I decided to try it on bread anyway and I’m 100% sold on the Homebrand Choc Hazelnut Spread. The real question is though would I permanently replace Nutella with Homebrand’s Choc Hazelnut Spread? I mean, who can ever take Nutella’s place? Im trying not to be won over by my loyalty to the brand but I have to say that I am more than satisfied with it’s contender and have awarded a point to Generic Brand as well but Nutella gets a point as well because its Nutella.

Generic Brand: 8

Popular Brand: 9


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