Frozen Apple Pie Dessert

Apple Pie

For dessert I decided to try Coles Brand snack Apple Pies and Nanna’s Golden and Crispy Apple Pie. The Coles Brand pies were $2.80 for 500grams and the Nanna’s pie was $6.26 for 600grams.

Cooking instructions for both were very simple. The snack size pies only needed 15 minutes at 200 degrees celsius and the Nanna’s pie needed almost 25 so that the centre of the pie would really warm up.

Tasting both I noticed that the filling in the Coles snack pies were a little more chunky where as the Nanna’s pie filling felt like borderline purée and I’m really not a fan of slushy Apple purée. I also loveeee that crunchy warm pastry so that was a tick for the Coles pies as they were completely covered but the Nanna’s pie had a pretty design on top rather than being 100% covered.

In conclusion, I definitely prefer the Coles Snack Apple Pies! They come in a convenient 4 pack which means it’s perfect for someone like me who lives on their own and doesn’t want a whole pie in one sitting and it’s so much cheaper for a chunkier and crunchier delicious apple pie.

Generic Brand: 9

Popular Brand: 9


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