Corn Chips

Corn Chips.jpg

So after thinking carefully I decided that as well as trying generic brands why not compare Aldi brands to Popular Commercial brands. I know that Aldi brands aren’t exactly Generic Brands but a lot of people may actually consider Aldi to be a generic supermarket as it stocks Unknown brands at cheaper prices which is similar to my concept of trying generic brand items.

First on my Aldi product VS Commercial Product is Corn chips. I purchased a packet of Sprinters El Tora Nacho Cheese Corn Chips from Aldi for $1.99 and a packet of Doritos Nacho Cheese Corn Chips for $3.51 from Coles. Between the two packets there was only a 15gram difference with Sprinters being 190grams and Doritos 175grams.

Tasting both I was surprised when I noticed that the El Tora chips were drenched in nacho cheese flavouring which Doritos actually fell short of because the El Tora corn chips were so much more intense in flavour to the point where after having a handful of El Tora the Doritos tasted bland…

Aldi Generic Brand all the way!!!

Generic Brand: 10

Popular Brand: 9


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