Flavoured Snake Lollies


Trying to impress my little cousin and trick her into liking me I bought some snakes because which little kid doesn’t like lollies?

So being compared this time was the Coles brand snakes for $1.00 and StarBurst Snakes for $3.08.

The Coles brand snakes were 147 grams where as the Starburst snakes were 180 grams.

Trying them myself the Coles snakes tasted very basic and resembled the very fake flavours of the fruits that we’re all used to with banana being the worst flavour in the bunch.

The StarBurst snakes have always been my favourite and once again the Coles snakes have proved to me exactly why. The Starburst snakes are just so much better in terms of taste and flavour and there’s no ugly banana ones! The lemon and orange actually have the tangy citrus taste that the actual fruit would give you and the strawberry snakes taste wayyyyy better than the Coles raspberry ones.

I’m almost a 100% certain that my little cousin preferred the Starburst snakes as well because upon finishing both snakes in her hand she reached for a another to which (I gave her one from the coles packet) she took a bite of, put back in the packet and grabbed a Starburst one. 

The clear winner here is OBVIOUSLY the Starburst.

Generic Brand: 10

Popular Brand: 10


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