Coconut Cream

Coconut Cream

In this weeks bulk cooking I decided that a stir fry and some coconut rice would be great. The coconut rice recipe that I use calls for 500mls of coconut cream so I thought I’d test Trident’s premium coconut cream which was $2.15 for 400mls and Coles Smart Buy Coconut Cream which was $0.89 for 400mls.

Opening both cans I immediately noticed that both cans had thick clumps around the opening of the can but both tasted indifferent from one another.

In terms of consistency the Trident cream had a thicker consistency than the Coles making it appear more like a cream where as the Coles one was more of a milk consistency.

Taste wise they both tasted quite similar with the only difference being that the Trident cream tasted a little stronger of coconut.

Based on the fact that the Coles Smart Buy Coconut Cream was cheaper and almost exactly the same in taste I’m going to give it the win on this round.

Generic Brand: 12

Popular Brand: 10


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