Pancake Mix

Pancake Mix

On the weekend I had a sudden craving for maple syrup soaked pancakes so I made a quick trip to my local Coles and bought Green’s Pancake Shake Original which was $3.19 for 375 grams and Coles Original Pancake Mix which was $1.50 for 350 grams.

Both mixes were super easy to make all I had to do was add water up to the displayed line which was on the bottle and then you guessed it! Shake the bottle.

Cooking was very easy and I noticed the Coles mix was getting better colour while cooking and felt a little crisper but was less fluffier than the Green’s mix.

In the end the Green’s mix made 1 and a half extra pancakes both of them being smaller but hey extra is extra.

Once again I’m going to go with the generic brand. It tastes almost exactly the same made one less pancake and was over half price cheaper! This is definitely a great cheap family weekend breakfast.

Generic Brand: 13

Popular Brand: 10


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