Homestyle Cheat Pizza

Keeping in my Generic brand at hand theme I decided to make a somewhat homemade/homestyle cheat pizza using generic brand items. So starting with the base I bought a Coles Pepperoni Stone Baked Pizza which was $3.50 for 450grams. For the extra toppings I used:

– 100grams of shredded ham ($1.35)

– 3 cup mushrooms, thinly sliced ($0.90 for 4 mushrooms)

– Half a small green capsicum, thinly sliced ($1.63)

– Half a brown onion, thinly sliced ($0.54)

– Half a can of Coles Smart Buy Pineapple Pieces in juice ($1.32 for 440grams)

– 2 handfuls of Coles Shredded Pizza Cheese ($4.00 for 250grams)

After loading up my pizza with the topping I preheated my oven to 200 degrees Celsius and baked the pizza for 15 minutes. Pulling it out of the oven after cooking was complete I noticed that my pizza wasn’t looking cheesy enough to my liking so I ended up adding more cheese and put it back in the oven for a couple more minutes until the cheese melted but the photo above is before I added the extra cheese and put it back in so if that photo looks cheesy enough for you then just go by the 2 handfuls I guess.

When it came to the taste test this pizza was amazingggg being somewhat homemade (if you don’t count the base and the pre-existing toppings) it was made exactly to my own liking. The crusts were crisp but still soft and the base itself was crispy on the bottom but soft on the top. The only thing I felt was missing from my toppings when it came to the taste test was that added saltiness that olives give so I’ll definitely be adding some olives next time!

This pizza was super easy to make and delicious! And after doing the calculations and putting halves into consideration when adding costs this Pizza cost me (roughly) $9.00 to make which I would consider to be pretty cost efficient considering one pizza=4 meals for me. In the end it is definitely a thumbs up from me to the Coles Pepperoni Stone Baked Pizza!


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