Women’s Sanitary Items

When I first got my period I didn’t really get a chance to experiment with different pad brands and simply just went along with whatever my mums favourite brand was and for her it was Stayfree. As I got older and moved out of home I was looking for budget cuts where possible and sanitary items were an option as well as many other items found on my blog so I thought, why not review Stayfree against a generic brand and then the other week while at Aldi I noticed how cheap the Olivia brand pads were and thought even better! I shall compare the generic brand, the popular brand and the Unknown/unfamiliar brand.

I chose Woolworths Select Ultrathin Regular Pads with Wings which were $2.25 for a pack of 14 as my generic brand (middle in first picture and far right in second). My popular brand selection was Stayfree Regular Ultrathin Pads with Thermo Control and Wings which were $5.00 for a 12 pack (far right in first picture and middle in second) and last but not least Olivia Ultrathin Regular Pads with wings which were $1.99 for a pack of 16. (far left)

Looking at packaging I very much like the ones with the patterns better (Olivia and Stayfree) as I usually use the wrappers to wrap my used sanitary items in before disposing of them which means that the pattern is less likely to be see through as just by looking at the select brand pad in the first picture I can clearly read labels.
I also like the fact that the Olivia pad has a little sticky strip at the end of the wrapper which again comes in handy when it comes to disposal. In terms of length the Olivia pad was the longest by a finger width and the select and Stayfree were roughly the same.

I had no leakage problems with any of the three options however I did notice that Stayfree has a nicer smell to it which seems to last a little compared to the other two brands with Olivia seeming to have no scent whatsoever. In terms of durability, Stayfree was my favourite as the select one especially would quickly lose its shape and made it uncomfortable to move around in and although a similar problem occurred eventually with the Olivia pads it took a lot more movement to have the same effect on it as the select brand pad did. I also found that the Stayfree pad conformed a lot better to my body and although the Olivia and Select pads were supposed to be ultrathins they weren’t as thin as the Stayfree.

In conclusion although Stayfree had better durability and conformity than its other two opponents I really do not mind the Olivia brand pads. They are a lot cheaper in price and are wayyy better quality than the Woolworths select brand and although it’s not as good as Stayfree I’m willing to make the switch as it holds up very well in terms of durability and absorbency in comparison to the Select pads. However in saying that I’m still very much impressed with Stayfree and will give both the popular brand and Aldi brand a point each.

Generic Brand: 13

Popular Brand: 11

Aldi Brand: 1


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