Melbourne’s Cheap Eats: Chicken Parmigiana 

After reviewing some of my blog posts from earlier last week I decided to spice things up a little, this post will differ slightly from my usual Generic VS Popular brand comparisons however I’ve still stuck to my overall willingness to save money and have opted to review cheap eats around Melbourne. 

My first stop was The Grandview Hotel, Fairfield which is a local pub that is very well known in the area for cheap lunch and dinner deals as well as live music. Every week on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s you can find Parmas of the World for $14 which includes your choice of Parma with chips and salad can be added for an extra $2. The Grandview Hotel also does Sunday Yumday (2 for the price of 1 parmas) however I was really interested in trying a “Parma of the world” and decided to go on a Tuesday. The options available were interesting however the one that caught my attention was the Mexican Parma which exchanged the traditional Parma for one that was topped with tomato salsa, ham, cheese, sour cream, guacamole and my favoriteee pickled jalapeño peppers! 

Service was pretty quick and within 15 minutes the food was up. For $14 I was more than pleased with the serving size. However the greatest crime done by chicken is over cooked breast which I’m sure we can all agree is stringy, dry and very much hard to swallow but here comes the sigh of relief because it was definitely not dry! The jalapeño peppers made a fantastic chilli acidic kick with a mouthful of creamy, cheesy chicken think nachos only better. The only let down was the guacamole as I could tell it was definitely not housemade but most likely store bought. It resembled more of an avocado dip than fresh guac and had an odd seasoning for flavour and a little bit too much of the minced garlic that you usually get in jars which I’m not a big fan of. I can’t say it was inedible but I can definitely say that my guac recipe tastes better (so maybe I’m just a tad bit bias) but otherwise it was a rather pleasant meal which I will gladly go back for again. 

My next cheap eats destination was The Commercial Hotel, Yarraville this quirky location hosts Cheap Thrills Friday’s which to my surprise has $5 chicken parmigiana’s with chips ANDDD salad. Although I was a little bit skeptical, I mean a main for $5 that’s unheard of! I had to go check it out myself. 

Now being a first timer here, getting inside the premises was a little confusing as the front of the building is completely shut off and to a passerby looks completely abandoned but if you plant your cheek on the barricaded door and listen closely you can hear the music playing inside (yes I looked ridiculous). So note this one those who are interested in visiting this cheap eats location, the entry point is right next to the carpark (I don’t know how I missed it either -.-)  and you enter via the beer garden. 

Like the Grandview Hotel the menu at Commercial Hotel also had a few different Parma options for a higher price ($10-$15) but I opted to stick to the purpose of my visit and went ahead with my $5 Merchilicious Parma which on Saturday’s and Sunday’s is usually $10. The meals were very quick to come out and to my surprise I was rather satisfied with the serving size. The chicken schnitzel wasn’t as big or thick as the one at The Grandview Hotel but was still pleasantly seasoned.  The Napoli sauce was quite simplified which I’m guessing was most likely made from canned tomatoes which come already infused with flavours eg. Garlic and oregano and needed a touch of salt but the chips were crunchy and the salad was fresh so guess what? I left 110% satisfied, my hunger sufficed and my bank balance still healthy. 

Both locations are great options for those looking for a cheap pub meal and some music to jam to, so get out and see what Melbourne’s cheap eats has to offer. 


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